JK Philosophy

Over the years J. Krishnamurti ( JK )has travelled extensively in Europe, India and America and hundreds of men and women everywhere have met him individually and discussed with him the innumerable personal problems of their varied lives, spontaneously and freely. These self-revelations and ponderings have been expressions of intensely emotional experiences and not merely philosophical inquiries of the intellectual speculative search for solutions and remedies. Often there has been a complete communion of minds, earnest seeking and sudden illumination. This direct communion and deep listening had brought valuable discoveries in the world of human consciousness.

Now and then during this time, Krishnamurti noted down recollected conversations, relating them to the surroundings of Nature. Nothing was imagined or invented. He wrote down imply and truly what happened.

Encouraged by the immediate and continuing success of these Commentaries, we go on adding more and more conversations. As will be seen by anyone who glances at the list of contents, they cover an immensely wide ground. But it is the one central fact of all Krishnamurti's teaching that they illumine with so rich a variety : namely that for each individual reader the central human problem can be solved in only one way - for and by himself. We cannot imagine a message more sorely needed in the world of today.

  • Does Thinking Begin with Conclusion?

  • Self-Knowledge or Self-Hypnosis?

  • The Escape from What Is

  • Can One Know What Is Good For The People?

  • I Want To Find The Source Of Joy

  • Pleasure, Habit and Austerity

  • Won’t You Join Our Animal Welfare Society?

  • Conditioning and the Urge to be Free

  • The Void Within

  • The Problem of Search

  • Psychological Revolution

  • There Is No Thinker : There is only conditioned thinking

  • Why Should It Happen To Us?

  • Life, Death and Survival

  • Deterioration of The Mind

  • The Flame of Discontent

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