Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

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Try and get to know as much as possible about your audience, in advance. Answers to the following questions will be of valuable help in preparing and presenting your speech.

1. How many people will be present?

This will help you know whether you need a mike. Larger audience demand a little more formality while, with small audiences you can even be conversational in your speech delivery.

2. What age groups?

The young want a little more entertainment than the older ones.

3. Educational levels?

A broad idea is more than enough. You do not need go into too many particulars. They might be embarrassing.

4. Occupation?

Are you speaking to businessmen? Professionals? Students? The approach to your speech will vary, even if the subject is the same.

5. Subject Knowledge?

Is the audience aware of the subject? Has somebody else handled it in recent times? Is it possible to find out what he said?

6. Time?

How much time do you have? Will the meeting start on time? What else is on the agenda? Will you be required to stay till the end of the meeting?

7. Dress :

How are members generally dressed? Are they formal or casual? This will help you to be suitably dressed.

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