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Label : noon : piece of paper or card attached to something to show its price or an address or instructions for use

Gummed Label = label which you wet to make it stick on the item

Self-Stocking Label = sticky label ready to stick on an item

Tie-On Label = label with a piece of string attached so that it can be tied on to an item

Address Label = label with an address on it

Price Label = label showing a price

Quality Label = label which states the quality of something

Own Label Goods = goods specially produced for a store with the store's name on them

Label : verb : to attach a label to something

Incorrectly Labeled Parcel = parcel with the wrong information on the label

NOTE : labelling - labelled (But in US : labeling : labeled)

Labeling : noun : putting a label on something

Labeling Department = section of a factory where labels are attached to the product

NOTE : no plural

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