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Late : adjective : after the time stated or agreed

  • We apologize for the late arrival of the plane from Amsterdam.

  • There is a penalty for late delivery.

  • If delivery is later than the agreed date, the supplier has to pay a fine.

  • Late : adjective : at the end of a period of time
  • Latest date for signature of the contract = the last acceptable date for signing the contract

  • Latest = most recent
  • He always drives the latest model of car.

  • Here are the latest sales figures.

  • Late : adverb : after the time stated or agreed
  • The shipment was landed late.

  • The plane was two hours late.

  • Late-Night : adjective : happening late at night
  • He had a late-night meeting at the airport.

  • Their late-night negotiations ended in an agreement which was signed at 3 a.m.

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