Law of The Jungle

Law of The Jungle :

I have heard.

There is a law of the jungle.

I have heard when the lion has eaten his fill…

He never attacks.

He goes to lie under dense shady tree.

And when the rough gusts

Shake branches of tree

The mynah leaving her own young

Covers the final crow’s eggs

With her protective wings.

I have heard.

When any bird-young falls out of the nest…

The entire jungle wakes to rescue.

I have heard.

When the weaver bird’s nest

Reflects on the lake…

The silvery fishes adopt it as neighbours.

And if a rough storm breaks the foot bridge…

The on the wooden plank

Squirrel, snake, goat and cheetah walk in a file.

I have heard

There is a law of the jungle.

O God! All powerful…all seeing…all wise

In this my city…

Proclaim a law

Even the law of the jungle.

By Anonymous

Law of The Jungle