Laws of Spiritualism

There are
Seven Laws of Spiritualism observation of which will take you to realize your self at the best.

The First Law:

The Spirit that is running your life is sacred. Honor this life energy. As you honor the life force, then naturally, all the other virtues will become your expression effortlessly. You become generous. You have a sense of belonging, and feel connected to every one and every thing.

The Second Law:

Stop blaming others, and yourself, and begin praising others and yourself. This does not mean that you should not make a commend when it is needed. You can criticize, but that criticism should not come from your heart. It should be lip-level criticism only.

The Third Law:

Point out the mistake but also offer solution. If you pose a problem, and do not give a solution, then it is only half done. If you can not find an immediate solution, then work on finding a remedy together.

The Fourth Law:

No individual has an independent experience. Every individual mind is connected with the cosmic mind. Everything happens within the cosmic time-space design. Times change, and friends can become foes or vice-versa. Keep a deep-rooted faith in the spirit, in your self, and in your life.

The Fifth Law:

Take some time for yourself. Be alone for a little while, a few days in a year, a few moments day. This consolidates the energy, the spirit that you are.

The Sixth Law:

Know that everything is temporary, everything changes. Whatever you address as this, changes. That which says this does not change. The experience remains untouched, does not change. I am happy, I am unhappy, who is this I? There is no I, but I am consciousness. The limited I am consciousness, when it dissolves, becomes is-ness. Everything is, the mountains are, I am. The I is nothing but an air bubble. It just disappears. That is Samadhi. That is meditation.

The Seventh Law:

Surrender the bliss or the joy of your meditation. Letting go, not holding on even to peace. When you hold on to peace, all you get is disturbance. If you hold on to joy, all that you get is misery. If you do not care for joy, misery will never touch you. If you do not care for peace, nothing will disturb you. Everything is part of life, so make use of every situation in life as a step towards growth. Accept and receive everything as part of life. This endurance is the seventh spiritual law. When you do not hang on to pleasure, you become free, and when you do not hang on to freedom, you gain love.


Aggression is the antidote to depression. Wise are those do not fall either into aggression or into depression. That is the golden rule of a Yogi. Just wake up and acknowledge you are a Yogi.

Understand these Laws of Spiritualism deeply. Do not play with these Laws of Spiritualism. Deep thinking will reveal the secret behind these Laws of Spiritualism.

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