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  1. What any country wants today at the helm is…

    Men who are not for sale.
    Men who will condemn wrong in friend or foe, in themselves as well as others.
    Men whose consciences are as steady as the needle to the pole.
    Men who will stand for the right though the heavens totter and the earth reels.
    Men who can tell truth and look the world right in the eye.
    Men who are not ashamed to say No with emphasis.
    (Mahmood Bin Muhammad : ex-Ambassador to Saudi Arabia)

  2. The leaders I met, whatever walk of life they were from, whatever institutions they were presiding over, always referred back to some failure - something that happened to them that was personally difficult, even traumatic, something that made them feel that desperate sense of hitting the bottom - as something they thought was almost a necessity. It is as if at that moment the iron entered their soul, that moment created the resilience that leaders need.
    (Warren G. Bennis)

  3. A leader of his people, unsupported by any outward authority : a politician whose success rests not upon craft nor the mastery of technical devices, but simply on the convincing power of his personality : a victorious fighter who always scorned the use of force : a man of wisdom and humility, armed with resolve and inflexible consistency, who had devoted all his strength to the uplifting of his people and the betterment of their lot : a man who had confronted the brutality of Europe with the dignity of the simple human being and thus at all times risen superior.

    Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.
    (Albert Einstein on M.K. Gandhi)

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