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Learn English Vocabulary for 6th September :

  1. Raiment (n): clothing

  2. Rain (n): water drops falling from the clouds

  3. Rain (v): pour or fall down

  4. Rainbow (n): a brilliant coloured arch or light of seven colours sometimes seen in the sky opposite the sun before or after rain

  5. Rainfall (n): rain, quantity of rain that falls in a certain time

  6. Rain-gauge (n): an instrument for measuring rainfall

  7. Rainy (adj.): bearing or abounding in rain, rainy day

  8. Raise (v): to lift up, to build to collect, put forward

  9. Raisin (n): dried sweet grape

  10. Rake (n): a scraping garden tool, a dissolute or immoral man

  11. Rake (v): gather with a rake, open bring out

  12. Rally (v): reassemble, to recover a little from an illness

  13. Rally (n): gathering, recovery

  14. Ram (n): a male sheep, one of the signs of the zodiac

  15. Ramble (n): walk for pleasure, wandering

  16. Ramify (n): ramify

  17. Ramify (v): subdivide in to branches

  18. Ramp (v): to leap or bound

  19. Ramp (n): a leap, the upward bend in a stair-rail

  20. Rampant (adj.): standing on hind legs, furious, rank

  21. Rampart (n): defence, a bulwark

  22. Ramshackle (adj.): badly made, almost collapsing

  23. Rancour (n): malignity, spitefulness

  24. Rancour (adj.): rancorous

  25. Random (n): chance, at random, without any definite purpose

  26. Range (n): a row of mountains, distance between limits, the distance which a shot carries

  27. Ransack (v): search thoroughly, plunder

  28. Ransom (n): something paid for the freeing of a captive person, price paid for the liberty

  29. Ransom (v): redeem

  30. Rant (v); speak boastingly, talk noisily

  31. Rap (n): a quick knock

  32. Rap (v): strike, knock

  33. Rapacious (adj.): seizing by force, greedy, rapacity

  34. Rape (v): to carry away by force. Violate modesty

  35. Rape (n): carrying off by force, violation of a woman

  36. Rapid (adj.): quick, moving with great speed

  37. Rapid (n): a quick water fall

  38. Rapier (n): a small sword

  39. Rapt (adj.): fully absorbed

  40. Rapture (n): great delight

  41. Rare (adj.): unusual, uncommon, not tense, valuable

  42. Rarity (n): rareness, uncommonness, scarcity, an uncommon object

  43. Rascal (n): a dishonest person, a rogue

Learn English Vocabulary for 6th September :

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