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English Vocabulary Index

Learn To Speak English for 11th August. :

  1. Peninsula (n) : a portion of land almost surrounded by water or projecting into the sea

  2. Penis (n): organ of copulation of a male animal

  3. Penitence (n) : repentance

  4. Penitent (adj.) : repentant, expressing, sorrow for one’s own, sins

  5. Penitentiary (n): prison for persons, quality of serious crimes

  6. Penknife (n) : a pocket knife

  7. Penman (n) : a good writer

  8. Penname (n) : an author’s assumed name

  9. Pennant (v) : long narrow flag

  10. Penny (n) : a British copper coin(1/12 shilling)

  11. Pennywise (adj.) : saving small sum at the risk of larger

  12. Pension ((n) : payment to one because of past service or old age, a retiring allowance

  13. Pensive (adj.) : seriously thoughtful

  14. Pent (adj.) : shut(up)

  15. Pentagon (n): plane figure with five sides and five angles

  16. Penthouse (n) : roof sloping from a main building

  17. Penultimate (adj.) : last but one

  18. Penury (n) : extreme poverty, want

  19. Peon (n) : orderly, an attendant, servant

  20. Peony (n) : a garden plant, of the butter cup family, with large, globular, crimson flowers

  21. Paeony (n) : a garden plant, of the butter cup family, with large, globular, crimson flowers

  22. Propel (n) : race of nation, persons

  23. Propel (v) : inhabit

  24. Pepper (n) : plant and its fruit having a hot pungent taste

  25. Per (prep) : through, for each, by means of, according to

  26. Peradventure (adv.) : perhaps, by chance

  27. Perambulate (v) : walk, through

  28. Perceive (v) : know through the senses, observe, understand

  29. Percentage (n) : the rate per hundred

  30. Perceptible (adj.) : that can be seen or felt

  31. Perception (n): knowledge, power to understand

  32. Perch (n) : a freshwater fish, a roosting stick

  33. Perch (v) : to alight, to sit or roost on a perch

  34. Perchance (adv) : perhaps

  35. Percolate (v) : pass slowly, filter

  36. Percussion (n): forcible striking of one body against another

  37. Peregrinate (v) : to travel about from place to place

  38. Peremptory (adj.) : final, authoritative, positive

  39. Perennial (adj.) : lasting all the year, perpetual

  40. Perfect (adj.): complete, without fault

Learn To Speak English for 11th August. :

English Vocabulary Index

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