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Learning English for 2nd July :

  1. Margosa (n): the neem tree

  2. Marigold (n): a plant with the yellow flower

  3. Margrave (n) : a German noble man

  4. Marine (adj.) : pertaining to the sea

  5. Marine (n) : a soldier serving on a ship

  6. Mariner (n): sailor

  7. Marionette (n): a puppet or doll moved by strings

  8. Marital (adj.): having to do with a husband

  9. Maritime (adj.): having to do with the sea and shipping

  10. Mark (n): a sign, an impression, a German coin worth nearly one shilling

  11. Marked (adj.) : notable

  12. Market (n): a public place for trade

  13. Marketable (n): that can be sold away

  14. Marksman (n) : a good shot

  15. Marmalade (n): a jam made from oranges, grapes or lemon

  16. Maroon (v) : put ashore on desolate island

  17. Maroon (n) : a brown red colour

  18. Marquee (mark) : ship licensed to act as privateer

  19. Marquees (n) : a title of rank above a duke

  20. Marquis (n) : a title of rank above a duke

  21. Marriage (n): wedding

  22. Marriageable (adj.): of a fit age to be married

  23. Marrow (n): the fat contained in bones

  24. Marry (v) : wed

  25. Mars (n) : the god of war, one of the planets

  26. Marsh (n): a swamp, a low wet land

  27. Marsh (adj.) : marshy

  28. Marshal (n): a high officer in the army for regulating ceremonies, etc.,

  29. Mart (n) : a market, a place of trade

  30. Martello (n) : a round coast fort

  31. Marten (n) : a kind of weasel

  32. Martial (adj.) : associated with war

  33. Martin (n): a bird of the swallow kind

  34. Martinet (n) : strict disciplinarian

  35. Martyr (n) : one who dies for his faith

  36. Martyrdom (n) : death for conscience sake, persecution, torture

  37. Marvel (n): a wonder

  38. Marvel (v) : to wonder

  39. Mascot (n): person or thing that brings luck

  40. Masculine (adj.) : the gender of nouns denoting the male sex

  41. Mash (v) : to beat into a mixed mass

  42. Mask (n) : a disguise, visor, a screen

  43. Mask (v) : cover the face

  44. Mason (n) : a cutter and worker in building-stone

  45. Masonic (adj.) : pertaining to masonry

  46. Masquerade (n) : a disguise entertainment

  47. Mass (n): a large number, amount of matter in a body

  48. Mass (v) : collect together

Learning English for 2nd July :

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