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Learning English Vocabulary for 9th July :

  1. Misdemeanour (n) : bad behaviour, a trifling offence

  2. Misdirect (v) : to direct wrongly

  3. Miser (n) : a hoarder of money but not an enjoyer of it

  4. Miserable (adj.): wretched, unhappy

  5. Misery (n) : great grief, wretched condition

  6. Misfire (v) : (of guns and revolvers) fail to go off

  7. Misfit (n): thing which doesn’t fit

  8. Misfit (v) : fit badly

  9. Misfortune (n): ill-luck

  10. Misgiving (n) : mistrust, suspicion

  11. Misgovern (v) : govern badly

  12. Misguide (v) : lead wrongly

  13. Mishandle (v): handle badly

  14. Mishap (n) : unlucky accident

  15. Misinform (v) : give a wrong information

  16. Misinterpret (v) : give wrong meaning to

  17. Mislay (v) : misplace, lose

  18. Mislead (v); misguide, deceive

  19. Mismanage (v) : manage badly or wrongly

  20. Misnomer (n) : wrong name

  21. Misplace (v) : mislay, place in the wrong place

  22. Misrepresent (v): to represent wrongly, give an unfaithful picture

  23. Miss (v) : fail to catch, fail to hit

  24. Miss (n) : a young unmarried

  25. Missile (n) : a weapon for throwing, anything (stone, etc.,) thrown to do harm

  26. Missing (adj.): lost, wanting

  27. Mission (n) : the sending out of a number of persons, (abroad)for special work, embassy

  28. Missionary (n) : apostle, preacher, missionary spirit

  29. Missive (n) : letter, a message

  30. Misspell (v): spell wrongly

  31. Misspell (n) : misspelling

  32. Mist (n) : minute drops of water suspended in the air near the earth’s surface, thin fog (fog = dense Mist)

  33. Mistake (v): to err, to understand wrongly

  34. Mistake (n) : an error

  35. Mistaken (adj.) : in correct

  36. Mistress (n) : woman in authority over servants, female head of the house hold, a lady teacher

  37. Mistrust (v): feel no confidence, be in doubt

  38. Misunderstand (v): take in a wrong sense

  39. Misuse (n): use wrongly, abuse, ill-treat

  40. Misuse (v): use wrongly, abuse, ill-treat

  41. Mite (n) : the little best one can do, very small quantity, a very small insect

Learning English Vocabulary for 9th July :

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