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Leave : noun : permission to be away from work

  • Six weeks annual leave = six weeks holiday each year

  • Leave of Absence = being allowed to be away from work

    Maternity Leave = permission given to woman to be away from work to give birth to a baby

    Sick Leave = period when a worker is away from work because of illness
  • To go on leave or to be on leave = to be away from work

  • She is away on sick leave or on maternity leave.

  • NOTE : no plural

    Leave : verb : to go away from
  • He left his office early to go to the meeting.

  • The next plane leaves at 10.20.

  • Leave : verb : to resign
  • He left his job and bought a farm.

  • NOTE : leaving - left

    Leave Out : verb : not to include
  • She left out the date on the letter.

  • The contract leaves out all details of marketing arrangements.

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