Life of A Ninth Grader

Life of A Ninth Grader :

Graduated and in my ninth grade.

Only then, did I know that it would make your happy days fade.

Maths, history and a lot of pressure

And everyone considered their grades as treasure.

You don’t count, if you come last

In this year’s race, you have to run fast.

Your friends become stronger to you.

And the people true to you will be very few.

Marks, grades, chat and pat

Will make your mind screwed to nuts.

Truth or dare cannot be played

And those paper rockets cannot be made.

You’ll have no time to run and play.

And your teacher would say, “You have your Maths test today.”

This will drive you really crazy.

And should you fail, your life would be really musty.

So, beware and study today

For you’ll have to earn a lot, on a fine another day!

By Akshaya.C, Gayathri.S, Nandhini.T and Shambhavi.S – Chennai – India

Life of A Ninth Grader