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Linkers :

Read the given passage and list out the linkers used.

Exercise : 1

While the impostor was returning home, the counterfeit gang mistook him to be the real Sambu and gave him a suitcase full of money and reminded him to distribute them. The impostor decided to keep the money for himself. So he left the money at home and rushed away for he had other work to do.

Answer : while, and, so, for

Exercise : 2

Later Sir John filled the missing links for Sambu. Goldstein happened to be the culprit. He had stocked and piled and monopolised the market, for wheat and cotton. He wanted to get into the good books of the Yard and so had volunteered to sponsor. Sambu’s trip. But he had dug his own grave not knowing the ‘prowess’ of Sambu.

Answer : and, so, but

Exercise : 3

Back in the ‘old’ days, there was also the rich smell of soot, which grimily covered you from head to toe… and the mesmerising hiss and hush of great clouds of steam, as the great locomotives huffed and puffed and pulled you out of the station. And then there was the classic ‘clickly – clack’ of the wheels on the rails.

Answer : and, as, then

Exercise : 4

The inspector had smiled after he was finished and patted her head. He said to her mother, It’s not the little girl’s fault, Mrs. Jones. I think the geography sector was geared a little too quick. These things happen sometimes. I’ve slowed it up to an average ten-years level. Marige was disappointed. She had been hopping they would take the teacher away altogether. They had once taken Tommy’s teacher away for nearly a month because the history sector had blanked but completely.

Answer : and, but, because

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