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List of English Words with Meaning on 30th April :

  1. Gargle (v) : wash the throat with a liquid making a bubbling sound in doing so

  2. Gargle(n) : a liquid used in gargling

  3. Garish (adj.) : over-decorated

  4. Garland (n) : wreath of flowers or leaves

  5. Garland (v) : put on garland

  6. Garlic (n) : plant of the onion kind with strong smell and pungent, taste

  7. Garment (n) : an article of clothing or dress

  8. Garner (n) : storehouse for corn, granary

  9. Garner (v) : collect

  10. Garnet (n) : a precious red stone

  11. Garret (n) : an attic, room on top floor

  12. Gas (n) : any aeriform or completely elastic fluid, a poisonous substance used in war, empty talk

  13. Gaseous (adj.) : like gas

  14. Gash (n) : a deep long cut or wound

  15. Gasp (v) : to breathe with difficulty, pain, violently, speak out with a deep breathe

  16. Gasp (n) : a deep breathe with pain

  17. Gastric (adj.) : pertaining to the stomach

  18. Gate (n) : entrance, opening in wall made for entrance

  19. Gate-keeper (n) :watchman at the gate, one guards the gate

  20. Gather (v) : collect, bring together, conclude

  21. Gathering (n) : act of collecting, meeting, a swelling, an assembly

  22. Gaudy(adj.) : showing, flaunting

  23. Gauge (v) : to measure, to guess, estimate

  24. Gauge (n) : an instrument for measuring

  25. Gauntlet (n) : the iron glove of armour

  26. Gauze (n) : a thin transparent cloth

  27. Gauze (adj.) : gauzy

  28. Gawky (adj.) : awkward, stupid, ridiculous

  29. Gay (adj.) : cheerful, bright coloured

  30. Gaze (v) : look steadily, stare at

  31. Gaze (n) : a fixes look

  32. Gazette (n) : news bulletin published by the government, an official newspaper

  33. Gazetteer (n) : a dictionary giving geographical and historical information

  34. Gear (n) : toothed wheel, levers, etc., harness

  35. Gem (n) : any precious stone, object or person of beauty or worth, anything valuable

  36. Gemini (n) : the third sign of the zodiac, duality

  37. Gender (n) : a grammatical classification denoting the sex

  38. Genealogy (n) : a history showing family decent, an account or table of family descent

  39. General (adj.): ordinary, common

  40. General (n) : the head of an army

  41. Generalize (v) : make a common inference, deduce

  42. Generalize (n) : generalization

  43. Generally (adv) : commonly, not specially, usually

  44. Generate (v) : bring into life, give birth, produce

List of English Words with Meaning on 30th April :

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