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This is a typical Live English Conversations at The Market.


Sarika : Mother

Rahul : Son

Vegetable Vendor


5.30 P.M.

Sarika : Rahul, Rahul

Rahul : Yes, Morn here I am.

Sarika : You have to help me.

Rahul : How can I help you?

Sarika : I want to go to market.

Rahul : Alright let us go. But give me coffee first.

Sarika : Yes, I shall.

(After drinking coffee)

Rahul : Come Morn. Oh! I see there is no petrol.

Sarika : Here is Rs. 50/- go and fill the petrol.

Rahul : Sorry morn, please wait for 5 minutes.

Sarika : No problem. (After 5 minutes) I shall wait.

Rahul : I have filled the petrol. Come on mom.

Sarika : O.K. Let us start (At the market).

Sarika : What is the cost of potato?

Vendor : Rs. 15/- per kg.

Sarika : Give me a kilo.

Vendor : Here it is.

Rahul : Shall we buy some greens?

Sarika : It is not nice.

Rahul : Then buy carrot.

Sarika : How much does carrot cost?

Vendor : Rs. 8/- per kg.

Sarika : Give me half a kg.

Rahul : Why don't you purchase some mushrooms?

Sarika : Where is it?

Rahul : Over there.

Sarika : Go and buy a packet.

Rahul : Yes.

Words to Know

  1. help

  2. market

  3. petrol

  4. filled

  5. potato

  6. greens

  7. how much

  8. cost

  9. mushrooms

  10. half a kg

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