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This is a typical Live English Conversations at The Post Office.


Rahul & Surya : Friends


Post Master


9.30 A.M.

Rahul : Hai Surya. Good Morning!

Surya : Good morning Rahul. Why are you late?

Rahul : I have gone to the market.

Surya : Going to market, Have you started to do house hold things?

Rahul : Hai! Don't joke. I have taken my mother to the market.

Surya : Oh! I see?

Rahul : What's the time now?

Surya : It's quarter to nine.

Rahul : We have half an hour for the prayer.

Surya : Yes.

Rahul : Then we shall go to the post office.

Surya : For what?

Rahul : I want to deposit the Sanchaiyka money.

Surya : Have you got back the money?

Rahul : Yes, teacher told that there would be the Sanchaiyka facility in the school.

Surya : Is the post office opened now?

Rahul : I think so.

Surya : Then let us hurry to the post office.

(At the post office)

Rahul : Excuse me sir.

Post Master : Yes what can I do for you?

Rahul : I want to open a SB Account.

Post Master : Please, fill the form and give it to the clerk who is sitting in the right corner.

Rahul : Yes, sir.

Clerk : What's your father's name?

Rahul : Mr. Kamal.

Clerk : Fill it here.

Rahul : Here is the money.

Words to Know

  1. late

  2. joke

  3. quarter to nine

  4. prayer

  5. post office

  6. got back

  7. facility

  8. hurry

  9. open

  10. corner

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