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Rahul and Librarian


11.30 A.M.

(In a Library)

Rahul : Excuse me sir. May I come in?

Librarian : Yes, please! Come in.

Rahul : I want to take some books.

Librarian : You cannot take some books. You can take only one book at a time.

Rahul : I want Kalam's Wings of Fire.

Librarian : Mm! Let me check.

Rahul : Is it available sir?

Librarian : Yes, it is available.

Rahul : Where is it?

Librarian : It's in the 3rd shelf in the extreme corner.

Rahul : Shall I take the book?

Librarian : Where is your old book?

Rahul : Here it is.

Librarian : What is the name of the book?

Rahul : Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Librarian : What's the due date?

Rahul : I think its 25th April.

Librarian : What's the date today?

Rahul : Today is 27th April.

Librarian : You must pay the fine then.

Rahul : Sorry sir.

Librarian : I can't help you I must follow the rules.

Rahul : How much I should pay?

Librarian : Rs.5/- only.

Rahul : Here is the money sir.

Librarian : Alright take the book.

Rahul : One more clarification sir, Shall I ask you?

Librarian : Yes, you will.

Rahul : What are the newspapers available here?

Librarian : All the news papers are available here.

Rahul : Thank you sir.

Words to Know
  1. Some
  2. At a time
  3. Check
  4. Available
  5. Extreme
  6. Due date
  7. Fine
  8. Follow
  9. Rules
  10. Clarification

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