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Kamal, Surya and Traffic Police


10.00 A.M.

Surya : Rahul! Rahul!!

Rahul : Please wait, Surya. I'll be there in a few minutes. Shall we move for the tuition?

Surya : Yes we shall do. How shall we go?

Rahul : We shall go by two wheeler.

Surya : Yes. It's already late.

Rahul : Come on. Let us hurry.

(On the way)

Traffic Police : Hai boy! Stop the vehicle.

Surya : Speed up the vehicle. Rahul don't stop.

Rahul : No. It is wrong.

Surya : You are in danger.

Rahul : We should obey the traffic police.

Traffic Police : Do you have license?

Rahul : I have not yet taken.

Traffic Police : Don't you know that license is essential?

Rahul : Yes I know very well.

Traffic Police : Why did not you take license then?

Rahul : Nowadays it is quite common.

Traffic Police : Don't talk like this.

Rahul : Sorry sir here after I shall take the license.

Traffic Police : Next time you must take the license.

Rahul : Yes, sir.

Traffic Police : Show me the RC book.

Rahul : Here it is, sir.

Traffic Police : Where is the insurance receipt?

Rahul : Here it is sir.

Traffic Police : You can go now.

Rahul : Thank you sir.

Words to Know

  1. Tution
  2. Hurry
  3. Speed up
  4. Obey
  5. License
  6. Essential
  7. Common
  8. Mistake
  9. Insurance
  10. Receipt

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