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Rahul and Surya


2.00 P.M.

Surya : Oh! Now only I am peaceful.

Rahul : Were you agitated these days?

Surya : Yes. I was.

Rahul : How did you do the examination?

Surya : I wrote well almost.

Rahul : I feel Maths is a little bit difficult.

Surya : I don't find like that.

Rahul : You are an expert in Maths.

Surya : I got centum only once during the school exams.

Rahul : What about me?

Surya : You got centum thrice.

Rahul : But I don't think I will get centum in Math.

Surya : Let us hope for the best.

Rahul : What about today's exam?

Surya : Computer science is damn easy.

Rahul : Even one mark questions are very easy.

Surya : I am worried about the total marks.

Rahul : I can't understand.

Surya : I am worried about language paper.

Rahul : Didn't you do well?

Surya : I did well.

Rahul : Then why did you worry?

Surya : I am worried about total.

Rahul : Don't worry. You will get high marks.

Surya : I feel synonyms are little bit difficult in English.

Rahul : Yah I feel the same.

Surya : Don't worry. God's grace is with us.

Rahul : Let us hope for the best.

Surya : Let us enjoy the vacation.

Words to Know

  1. Peaceful
  2. Agitated
  3. Difficult
  4. Expert
  5. During
  6. Hope
  7. Dead easy
  8. Worried
  9. Synonyms
  10. Grace

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