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Rahul, Surya and Receptionist at BITS Pilani


6.00 A.M.

Rahul : Good Morning Sir.

Receptionist : Good Morning! Can I help you?

Rahul : I am from Tamilnadu.

Receptionist : Welcome.

Rahul : Thank you. Can I have some information?

Receptionist : Regarding what?

Rahul : Regarding course of studies here please.

Receptionist : With pleasure, we have all branches of engineering here. What field are you interested in?

Surya : Electronics do you have a course on electronics?

Receptionist : Yes, we have.

Rahul : What are the basic requirements to enroll my self for this course?

Receptionist : All subjects in your +2 with a score of over 90%.

Surya : I think we shall have the basic requirement.

Rahul : How much should we secure in the entrance?

Receptionist : Your score should be not less than 85.

Surya : Oh! I see.

Rahul : I think it will be very tough.

Receptionist : If you are much confident nothing will be difficult.

Surya : We are much confident.

Rahul : By the by can you direct me to the hall?

Receptionist : What's your register number?

Rahul : C9379

Surya : C9380

Receptionist : Then you can go to room C9 which is the left corridor extreme corner.

Rahul & Surya : Thank you.

Words to Know

  1. Help
  2. Information
  3. Regarding
  4. Branches
  5. Engineering
  6. Interested
  7. Less
  8. Tough
  9. Confident
  10. Difficult

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