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Rahul, Surya and Waiter at The Restaurant


6.00 P.M.

Waiter : Yes Sir, I am at your service.

Rahul : What is available to eat?

Waiter : All types of food are available like South Indian, Chinese etc.

Rahul : Well. I take Mughalai. Please make it punner, aloo masala, tandoori roti and butter nan.

Waiter : Don't you want hot soup?

Rahul : Yes I need French onion soup.

Surya : I want South Indian special masala dosa, rava kichadi and vada.

Waiter : How about some soup sir?

Surya : No. Not for me.

Waiter : How about the dessert sir?

Rahul : I don't have any idea.

Waiter : You can also order later.

Surya : That'll do for now. Let's order for dessert after we eat all this. Tell me how long will you take?

Waiter : In a few minutes sir, we won't keep you long.

Surya : Very good.

Rahul : Give me butter scotch ice cream.

Surya : I want mango milk shake.

Rahul : Give me the bill.

Surya : I shall pay for it.

Rahul : No. No I will pay

Words to Know

  1. Service
  2. Available
  3. Food
  4. Soup
  5. Masala dosa
  6. Rava kichadi
  7. Vada
  8. Later
  9. Milk shake
  10. Pay

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