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This is a typical Live English Conversations in enquiry about I.A.S. Exam.


Rahul, Surya and Vignesh


7.00 P.M.

Rahul : Surya! Meet my cousin Vignesh.

Surya : Hello! Mr. Vignesh!! Nice to meet you.

Vignesh : Very nice to meet you Surya.

Surya : Are you working?

Rahul : No. He is not working. He has just completed his graduation in engineering.

Surya : Oh! I see. Aren’t you selected in the campus interview?

Vignesh : No. I am preparing for my IAS exam.

Surya : Oh! I see. You too?

Vignesh : Yes. I too.

Surya : Let us ask our doubts regarding IAS.

Vignesh : Oh! By all means.

Surya : Are there any coaching centres?

Vignesh : There are plenty of coaching centres.

Rahul : How much they charge?

Vignesh : They charge normally.

Surya : But we have to prepare seriously.

Vignesh : Yes. Preparation is essential. You should have deeper knowledge in the subject you opted.

Rahul : What would you advise on coaching? Should we take now or later?

Vignesh : I think you should join the coaching centre at the week ends during your engineering course.

Rahul : Does it obstruct our main course?

Vignesh : It depends on your concentration.

Surya : Well! What are the places to be visited in New Delhi?

Vignesh : There are many places such as Rashthrapati Bavan, Parliament etc.

Surya : Thank you.

Words to Know

  1. Completed
  2. Campus Interview
  3. Preparing
  4. Plenty
  5. Normally
  6. Seriously
  7. Essential
  8. Advice
  9. Obstruct
  10. Depends
  11. Concentration

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