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on the day of school result

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This is a typical Live English Conversations on the day of school result.


Rahul, Sarika, Kamal and Harini


9.30 A.M.

Kamal : Rahul! Rahul!

Rahul : Here I am dad. Good Morning.

Kamal : Good Morning.

Rahul : Today my results will be published.

Kamal : Oh! I see. Advance congrats.

Harini : At what time they publish the result?

Kamal : The director of examination will announce by 10'0 clock.

Harini : Go and buy the news paper at 10'0 clock.

Rahul : Nowadays no need to buy newspaper.

Hanni : How will you know the results then?

Rahul : We can see the result through the internet even with marks.

Harini : Oh! I see. But in the news paper you can see only the result.

Kamal : What's the website address?

Rahul : Hmm… Let me refer

Kamal : Let me type the address.

(He waits for the net to open.)

Kamal : Tell me your register number.

Rahul : 2208457.

Kamal : Rahul, you have got centum in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Rahul : How? I can't believe it.

Harini : What's the total mark?

Kamal : 1178/1200. I think you're the school top.

Hanni : Congrats! Take sweet.

Rahul : Thank you.

Words to Know

  1. Results
  2. Published
  3. Contrast
  4. Announce
  5. News Paper
  6. Internet
  7. Website Address
  8. Net
  9. Register Number
  10. Total Marks

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