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This is a typical Live English Conversations at School.


Teacher, Class Leader, A Girl Student, Rahul, Surya and other Students


10.30 A.M.

Students : Good Morning Sir,

Teachers : Good Morning sit down.

Leader : Here is the attendance sir.

Girl : Excuse me sir.

Teachers : Yes, what's the time now?

Girl : Its 9.40 am Sir.

Teachers : At what time does the bell ring?

Girl : The bell rings at 9.30 am.

Teachers : When should you come?

Girl : I should have come before 9.30.

Teachers : Yes, but you came at 9.40.

Girl : Sorry sir.

Teachers : What is the reason?

Girl : I missed the bus.

Teachers : You should have started earlier.

Girl : My mother is ill.

Teachers : Did you do the house hold things?

Girl : Yes sir,

Teachers : Why does not your father do it?

Girl : My father is a farmer. He has gone to the field early morning.

Teachers : Oh I see! Here after avoid coming late.

Girl : Yes sir,

Rahul : Show me your essay note-book.

Surya : I kept in my home.

Rahul : Then show me your work-book.

Surya : Take it.

Teachers : What's the noise there? Who's talking?

Rahul : Sorry sir.

Teachers : Don't you know about discipline?

Rahul : I am preparing for the English test during the period.

Words to Know

  1. attendance

  2. rings

  3. reason

  4. house hold

  5. farmer

  6. field

  7. avoid

  8. essay note

  9. noise

  10. discipline

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