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This is a typical Live English Conversations at The Principal’s Room.


Rahul, Peon and Principal


10.30 A.M.

Rahul : Excuse me.

Peon : Yes. What do you want?

Rahul : I want to meet the principal.

Peon : Why?

Rahul : I have received admission letter.

Peon : Show me the letter.

Rahul : Here is the letter.

Peon : Wait for some time.

(After some time)

Peon : You go inside.

Rahul : Excuse me sir. May I come in?

Principal : Yes come in.

Rahul : Good morning sir.

Principal : Good morning. Sit down.

Rahul : It's alright sir.

Principal : First sit down.

Rahul : Thank you sir.

Principal : How did you feel when the college selected you.

Rahul : I felt very much delighted.

Principal : Why do you prefer this college?

Rahul : Since my child hood I have craze for this college.

Principal : Who is your motivator?

Rahul : My father sir.

Principal : What is he?

Rahul : He is a Professor of English.

Principal : Oh I see what is your aim?

Rahul : I want to become a successful collector.

Principal : Good. Can you pay the fees now?

Rahul : Yes I can. How much is the fee?

Principal : You have to pay Rs. 70,000 initially.

Rahul : I don't have that much.

Principal : How much do you have?

Rahul : I have 50,000/ -.

Principal : Pay what you have.

Rahul : Thank you sir.

Words to Know

  1. Principal
  2. Admission Letter
  3. Selected
  4. Prefer
  5. Craze
  6. Professor
  7. Aim
  8. Collector
  9. Fees
  10. Initially

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