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This is a typical Live English Conversations at The Campus Interview.


Rahul, Principal, M.D. of TCS and The College Peon


10.30 A.M.

M.D. : Excuse me sir. I am from TCS.

Principal : Please come in. Take your seat. What can I do for you?

M.D. : We would like to recruit some of your students for our leading firm of India.

Principal : Oh I see. Our students are very lucky.

M.D. : Please! Give me the topper list.

Principal : Yes. I shall give in a few minutes.

Principal Calls the peon.

M.D. : Go and bring the topper list

M.D. : The college topper is Rahul.

Principal : Yes. He is the most brilliant student.

M.D. : Shall I call him for the interview?

Principal : Yes. Of course.

Rahul appears.

M.D. : Please! Take your seat. First introduce yourself.

Rahul : I am Rahul. I hail from middle class family I hope to secure more percentage in the final semester.

M.D. : What's your father?

Rahul : He is a Professor.

M.D. : What is the percentage do you acquire now?

Rahul : 83% sir.

M.D. : Good. You have to improve more. What are your traits?

Rahul : My traits lie in team work I have leadership quality. Hence I prefer to be a leader in the team.

M.D. : Well. But as an inexperienced how can you lead a team?

Rahul : Experience does not count. Only wisdom counts it.

M.D. : Do you know about our firm?

Rahul : Well. It is the most leading one in India.

M.D. : How do you know?

Rahul : I know through the media.

M.D. : Ok. You are brilliant. You are appointed. Let me know your decision within a week.

Rahul : Thank you sir.

Words to Know

  1. Recruit
  2. Leading firm
  3. Lucky
  4. Introduce
  5. Acquire
  6. Traits
  7. Quality
  8. Wisdom
  9. Media
  10. Appointed

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