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This is a typical Live English Conversations at The Coaching Centre.


Rahul, Surya and Principal


10.30 A.M.

Rahul : May I come in sir?

Principal : Yes Please. Come in.

Rahul : Sir I am Rahul. He is my friend, Surya.

Principal : Well Please. Sit down.

Surya : We are engineering graduates.

Principal : Oh I see. Very well.

Rahul : We want to write IAS preliminary.

Principal : A nice decision.

Surya : We want to join here for IAS coaching.

Principal : Where are you from?

Surya : We are from Tamilnadu.

Principal : Do you have any relation here?

Surya : No sir.

Principal : We don't have any hostel facility here.

Rahul : We will stay in a room sir.

Principal : When are you going to join?

Rahul : As early as possible.

Principal : We will start next batch on corning Wednesday.

Surya : Then we will join on Wednesday.

Rahul : How much are the fees?

Principal : It costs Rs. 8500/-.

Surya : Does it include material?

Principal : No. It does not include material.

Rahul : Shall we pay it in instalments?

Principal : Mm… that will cost additional 1000/-.

Surya : Oh! We will pay it on next Monday.

Principal : Oh! Yes. You can.

Rahul : At what time should we come on Monday?

Principal : You should come by 9’O clock.

Rahul & Surya : Thank you sir.

Words to Know

  1. Friend
  2. Graduate
  3. Nice Decision
  4. Hostel
  5. Facility
  6. Batch
  7. Include
  8. Additional
  9. Instalments
  10. Materials
  11. Cost

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