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Chemistry Teacher, Students, Surya, Rahul and Kamali


2.30 P.M.

Students : Good morning sir,

Teacher : Good morning. All of you go to your respective places,

Surya : Yes, sir.

Teacher : Have you submitted your record note?

Kamali : I have not submitted sir.

Teacher : Why? Kamali, you are very perfect and prompt student.

Kamali : Sorry sir, I have forgotten to bring it.

Teacher : It means that you have completed the record.

Kamali : Yes sir,

Teacher : Arrange the books one day before.

Kamali : Here after I will do sir.

Teacher : Ok now find out the salt.

Rahul : Let me do the confirmatory test first.

Surya : Go step by step Rahul.

Rahul : I don't want to waste time.

Surya : Any how you go on your way.

Rahul : Hurrah! I have found out.

Teacher : Tell me the salt.

Rahul : Sir, I think it is sulphur.

Teacher : Don't think. Confirm.

Rahul : I am sure Sir. It is sulphur.

Teacher : Yes you are correct,

Surya : He has said it by mere fluke.

Teacher : How? I can't understand.

Surya : He did the confirmation test first.

Teacher : Oh I see that helps only sometimes.

Rahul : Now it helps me sir.

Teacher : What Kamali didn't it you find out the salt?

Kamali : I have forgotten the test.

Rahul : Let me help her sir.

Teacher : Alright.

Words to Know

  1. respective

  2. submitted

  3. perfect

  4. prompt

  5. arrange

  6. confirmation

  7. step by step

  8. any how

  9. confirmatory

  10. fluke

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