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Rahul, Surya and The Shop Keeper


5.30 P.M.

Rahul : Surya! Come on. Let's go to the shop.

Surya : For what?

Rahul : Next week my cousin's marriage is to be held.

Surya : Where?

Rahul : In New Delhi.

Surya : Are you going to buy gift?

Rahul : Yes, I do.

Surya : What is your cousin?

Rahul : He is an auditor.

Surya : Has he settled in Delhi?

Rahul : Yes, he has.

Surya : Are you going to attend the marriage?

Rahul : Yes, I am going.

Surya : Come on, let's go to the shop.

Shop Keeper : You are welcome sir.

Rahul : I want an excellent gift.

Shop Keeper : Why not? We have many gifts.

Surya : The gift should be very nice and innovative.

Shop Keeper : We have many nice gifts.

Surya : Show me some fast moving gifts.

Shop Keeper : May I know the occasion?

Rahul : It's wedding.

Shop Keeper : Then you take this Meenakshi statue.

Rahul : Wow! What an excellent statue it is?

Surya : Yes it's really wonderful.

Rahul : How much does it cost?

Shop Keeper : It costs Rs. 500/-.

Surya : A little bit expensive.

Rahul : But, there is art, you know?

Surya : I can't deny it.

Rahul : Let us buy anyway.

Words to Know

  1. cousin

  2. auditor

  3. excellent

  4. nice

  5. strange

  6. fast moving

  7. statue

  8. wonderful

  9. expensive

  10. deny

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