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Rahul, Surya, Kamal, Sarika and Harini


7.30 P.M.

Rahul : Hai Mom. He is my friend Surya.

Surya : Good evening mom.

Sarika : Good evening Surya, Rahul often talks about you.

Surya : He is my best friend Mom.

Sarika : You continue your talk. Let me prepare coffee for you.

Surya : Oh! Don't trouble yourself Ma.

Harini : What's the trouble? You have come for the first time.

Rahul : By the by meet my dare devil sister Harini.

Harini : Hi! Mind your words.

Surya : He has told it just for fun.

Rahul : She is doing 9th Grade.

Surya : Oh I see! I am very glad to meet you.

Rahul : He is my beloved father.

Surya : Dad! Meet my friend Surya.

Kamal : Hello! I am glad to meet you.

Surya : Good evening uncle.

Kamal : What's your father?

Surya : He is the senior manager in a nationalized bank.

Kamal : In which bank?

Surya : In Canara Bank.

Kamal : In which branch?

Surya : In city branch II.

Kamal : Oh! Mr. Suresh?

Surya : Yes, Do you know him uncle?

Kamal : Yes I know him very well.

Surya : How?

Kamal : I have my Savings Bank Account there only.

Surya : Oh I see!

Sarika : Have some coffee. What is your mother?

Surya : She is the home maker like you. Thanks for coffee. Ok. Bye.

Words to Know

  1. Often

  2. Continue

  3. Trouble

  4. Dare Devil

  5. Glad

  6. Beloved

  7. Senior

  8. Manager

  9. Savings Bank Account

  10. Home Maker

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