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Lock : noun : device for closing a door or box so that it can be opened only with a key

  • The lock is broken on the petty cash box.

  • I have forgotten the combination of the lock on my briefcase.

  • Lock : verb : to close a door with a key so that it cannot be opened
  • The manager forgot to lock the door of the computer room.

  • The petty cash box was not locked.

  • Lock Out : verb : to lock out workers = to shut the factory door so that workers cannot get in and so force them not to work until the conditions imposed by the management are met

    Lockout : noun : industrial dispute where the management will not let the workers into the factory until they have agreed to the management's conditions

    Lock Up : verb : to lock up a shop or an office = to close and lock the door at the end of the day's work

    To lock up capital = to have capital invested in such a way that it cannot be used for other investments

    Locking Up : noun : the locking up of money in stock = investing money in stock so that it cannot be used for other possibly more profitable investments

    Lock-Up : adjective : lock-up shop = shop which has no living accommodation and which the proprietor locks at night when it is closed

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