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Long : adjective : for a large period of time

Long Credit = credit terms which allow the borrower a long time to pay

  • In the long term = over a long period of time

  • To take the long view = to plan for a long period before current investment becomes profitable

  • Longs : noun : government stocks which mature in over fifteen years' time

    Long-Dated : adjective : long-dated bills = bills which are payable in more than three months time

    Long-Distance : adjective : a long-distance call = telephone call to a number which is not near

    Long-Distance Flight = flight to a destination which is a long way away

    Longhand : noun : handwriting where the words are written out in full and not typed or in shorthand
  • Applications should be written in longhand and sent to the personnel officer.

  • Long-Haul : adjective : over a long dis¬tance

    Long-Haul Flight = long-distance flight especially between continents

    Long-Range : adjective : for a long period of time in the future

    • Long-Range Economic Forecast = forecast which covers a period of several years

    Long-Standing : adjective : which has been arranged for a long time
  • Long-standing agreement

  • Long-standing customer

  • Customer of long standing = person who has been a customer for many years

  • Long-Term : adjective : on a long term basis = for a long period of time

    Long-Term Debts = debts which will be repaid many years later

    Long-Term Forecast = forecast for a period of over three years

    Long-Term Loan = loan to be repaid many years later

    Long-Term Objectives = aims which will take years to achieve

    QUOTE : Land held under long-term leases is not amortized.
    (Hong Kong Standard)

    QUOTE : The Company began to experience a demand for longer-term mortgages when the flow of money used to finance these loans diminished.
    (Globe and Mail : Toronto)

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