Long Trunk of Elephant

Long Trunk of Elephant :

A long, long time ago, the elephants had a small trunk. It was not as long as it is now.

One day an elephant saw a crocodile in a river bank. The elephant teased said, "Hey, you crawling creatures, I wonder why you are not small like the other creatures. You are too long for your comfort."

The crocodile lost his temper at being called a crawler. So he said, "Now I'll show you how strong a crawling creature can be!"

So immediately the crocodile caught the elephant's trunk in his mouth. The elephant cried out in pain and tried to pull his trunk out but the crocodile held on to it. Soon the other animals heard the elephant's cries and came to help. They pulled the elephant by the tail and so this pulling caused the trunk to be stretched long. The elephant grew very sad at this, but the animals told him the advantages of a long trunk. So the elephant felt happy again.

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