Lost in The British Lands

Lost in The British Lands :

Childhood wishes to get fulfilled.

So they say

And so I pray.

Of Blyton an involved reader

A wish to get lost in those British Lands

An inevitable outcome.

Dozens of these books were read

And the longings to visit the country

Further spread.

For the excitement of the pages, as many brought,

Was nothing compared to the content -

Inner wrought,

Of descriptions of fields and lands of

Crisis cross country

And of the beauty of the hills sides and valleys,

Oh! The longing for these lands

And the fulfilment never tallies.

The Farm Houses, villages and barns, so many,

And the children of these lands, so young,

Their voices like honey

So sweet

Why Oh why, the longing inside,

Why don’t you and the lands meet?

Coming to my favourite part

Of tarts and jam

And the smell of fresh baked bread and butter

I beg you, Destiny,

Meet me with those lands and don’t be bitter.

So, a reason is all need.

And although the wish

May seem childish

But after all, A wish is a wish.

By Sumeet Mathur – Chennai - India

Lost in The British Lands