Maria The Foolish Girl

Maria The Foolish Girl :

Maria was a girl, who always forgetting things. She was very careless. She used to lose a lot of toys, pencils, colours and books due to her carelessness.

Maria's mother used to say, "Maria, you are a good and obedient girl but you must learn to be careful. You must realize the value of your belongings."

One day Maria's father brought a beautiful doll for her. Maria loved her doll very much. She played with it the whole day and even slept with the doll. She promised her father that she would not break or lose the doll. After playing with the doll for some days she kept it in a cupboard.

One evening her father decided to take Maria for an outing. Maria rushed into her room. She picked up her small doll, tied it to her back and came out of the house. When her father asked her why she was doing this, she replied, "My doll will be lost if I leave it here. But if I carry it along wherever I go, I will never lose it."

Maria's father laughed out at little Maria's foolishness.
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