Match The Words with Meanings

Match The Words with Meanings :

All you have to do is to match the words (SET – 1) with their meanings (SET – 2).

  1. JUVENILE = Relating to a young person who is not yet an adult

  2. ROTUND = Round or rounded in shape

  3. DESPERATE = Needing or wanting something very much

  4. NEOLOGISM = A new word or expression

  5. PARLOUS = Very bad – dangerous or uncertain

  6. CIRCUMSPECT = Being cautious or careful

  7. JOVIAL = Friendly and in a good mood

  8. BALLAD = A song or poem that tells a story

  9. PATROL = To go around an area or a building to see if there is any trouble or a danger

  10. REVERSAL = A change to an opposite direction, position or course of action

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