Match The Words with Meanings

Match The Words with Meanings :

All you have to do is to match the words (SET – 1) with their meanings (SET – 2).

  1. DISASTER = An unexpected event that causes a lot of damage

  2. PORCH = A covered structure in front of the entrance to a building

  3. SNIGGER = To laugh at someone in a silly and unkind way

  4. COURTESY = The showing of politeness in one’s speech or action

  5. PREVALENT = Existing very commonly or happening often

  6. GENUINE = Original and real

  7. IMPLORE = To ask someone to do not to do something in a very secure, emotional and determined way

  8. EXPLORE = To search and discover

  9. HORRIFIC = Very bad and shocking

  10. AUGMENT = To increase the amount, value, size, etc. of something to search and discover

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