Match The Words with Meanings

Match The Words with Meanings :

All you have to do is to match the words (SET – 1) with their meanings (SET – 2).

  1. EVOLVE = To develop gradually

  2. ENFEEBLE = To make someone or something very weak

  3. CANDID = Frank and outspoken

  4. BANDIT = Member of an armed group of thieves

  5. TACTIC = A planned way of doing something

  6. GRUMBLE = To complain about someone or something in an annoyed way

  7. MONOPOLY = Complete control of something leaving others with little share

  8. BRAILLE = A system of printing for blind people which can be read by touching with the fingers

  9. DRIZZLE = To rain gently in small light drops

  10. RECTIFY = To correct something

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