Match The Words with Meanings

Match The Words with Meanings :

All you have to do is to match the words (SET – 1) with their meanings (SET – 2).

  1. DEPOSE = To remove someone important from a powerful position

  2. DISORDER = A state of untidiness or lack of organization

  3. UTILISE = Make use of something in an effective way

  4. FRUGAL = Careful when using money or food

  5. DISPIRITED = Not feeling hopeful about a particular situation

  6. GRANDIOSE = Impressive or grand in appearance or style

  7. GRACIOUS = Behaving in a pleasant, polite, calm way

  8. STRIFF = Violent or angry disagreement

  9. RECKON = To think or believe

  10. ERODE = To rub or be rubbed away gradually

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