Match The Words with Meanings

Match The Words with Meanings :

All you have to do is to match the words (SET – 1) with their meanings (SET – 2).

  1. TACKLE = To try to deal with someone or something

  2. PROTRUDE = To stick out from or through something

  3. PROTEST = A strong complaint expressing disagreement – disapproval

  4. COMMEND = To formally praise someone or something

  5. CHAOS = A state of total confusion and lack of order

  6. PILFER = To steal things of small value

  7. IMPEDE = To slow down to be an obstacle

  8. PLEASANTRY = A polite and friendly remark

  9. CHATTER = To talk for a long time about unimportant things

  10. PLATTER = A large plate used for serving food

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