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Meaning of Words for 5th October :

  1. Severity (n) : rigour

  2. Sew (v) : fasten by stitching

  3. Sewer (n) : underground passage to carry off sewage

  4. Sex (n) : condition of being make or female

  5. Sexagenarian (n) : a person between 59 and 70

  6. Sexton (n) : an under officer of a church

  7. Shabby (adj.) : in bad condition, much worn, poorly dressed

  8. Shackle (n &pl) : one of a pair of iron rings used for fastening prisoners

  9. Shackle (v) : put on chair, restrict

  10. Shad (n) : a kind of fish

  11. Shade (n) : partial darkness caused by the cutting off of direct rays of light, depth of colour

  12. Shade (v) : make dark, protect

  13. Shady (adj.) : sheltered from the sun dishonest, disreputable

  14. Shaft (n) : arrow, straight part of a column the wooden bar in front of a carriage, passage into a mine

  15. Shaggy (adj.) : rough, hairy

  16. Shagreen (n) : a kind of untanned leather made from the skin of horse, camel etc.

  17. Shake (v) : quickly move (a thing) to and fro, to agitate, make tremble

  18. Shako (n) : a military hat

  19. Shall (aux v) : used to denote the future tense (past tense and past participle, should)

  20. Shallow (adj.) : of little depth

  21. Shallow (n) : shallow place

  22. Sham (n) : pretence, artificiality

  23. Sham (adj.) : fake, pretended

  24. Shamble (n) : a slaughter house butcher’s stall

  25. Shame (n) : dishonour, disgrace

  26. Shameful (adj.) : impudent

  27. Shanghai (n) : make a man unconscious with a drug and carry him off before he wakes up

  28. Shank (n) : the part of the leg between the knee and ankle shaft

  29. Shape (n) : outline, figure, appearance

  30. Shape (v) : form

  31. Shapely (adj.) : well-shaped

  32. Share (n) : part, divided, a part of the capital, plough iron

  33. Share (v) : allot, partake in

  34. Shark (n) : a large sea-fish

  35. Sharpen (v) : make sharp

  36. Sharper (n) : a cheat

  37. Shatter (v) : break into small pieces, destroy

  38. Shave (v) : cut hair off the chin, pass very close to, cut into very thin layers

  39. Shawl (n) : a loose knitted wrap for the shoulders

  40. Sheaf (n) : a bundle of stalks of wheat etc, tied together

  41. Shears (n) : large cutting instrument like scissors

  42. Sheath (n) : a case for a sword, knife, etc., a scabbard

  43. Sheathe (v) : put into the cover or sheath, cover, protect

  44. Shed (v) : separate, scatter, throw out, pour out, let fall

Meaning of Words for 5th October :

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