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  1. Let me remove to such a place
    where none should be;
    None to speak one's tongue
    Or share one's thoughts should be;
    Build a house sans walls or floor,
    No neighbour, no person close should be.
    If one is sick, none need be there to care,
    And if one were to pass away
    Nobody to mourn should be.
    (Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib : 1796-1869 : from Urdu)

  2. Melancholy, indeed, should be diverted by every means but drinking.
    (Samuel Johnson)

  3. As I lie here
    I hear gun shots.....
    Like those dead deer.
    Everyone comes, then falls
    In the face of separation and death.
    By living, loving, longing to love
    We are hurt, we are embittered, we die
    Do we not?
    (Jeebananda Das : The Camp)

  4. No morning sun will ever
    dismantle the global gloom
    cast by the Daily Papers,
    vomiting in slipshod prose
    the facts of filth and violence
    that we're too dumb to prevent.
    (Wystan Hugh Auden : 1907-1973)
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