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From my childhood I have developed a special liking for the game of cricket. This is largely due to my uncle. He was an all India player in his younger days. I have heard him talk of great players such as Bradman, Worrel Weekes and Walcot among the older generation and Sobers and Lloyd among the present one.

My love for the game of cricket increased when I saw Gavaskar in the India Pakistan series in Madras in 1979.It was a sight to see him batting with perfect confidence. He was no doubt the best among the batsmen.

What makes me choose Gavaskar my cricket hero is that he is not only a run-getter but also a master in the techniques of the game. Cricket is in his blood. That is clear from his give-performance even in his first appearance in the series against the West Indies years ago. He is consistent in his scoring. His success as a batsman is proved by his remarkable performance as a player for some rest. Lloyd, another recognized batsman of the world and captain of the West Indies Team as well as many great players consider Gavaskar as one of the World’s best.
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