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My Hobby :

By HOBBIES we mean activities that we do for pleasure and not as our regular business. Pursuing hobbies is the best way of enjoying ourselves and at the same time doing something useful in our leisure hours. As Lord Brougham said, “Blessed is the man who has hobbies". And I have several hobbies.

I have loved gardening since my boyhood. I enjoy watering my garden in my free time. It gives me enough physical exercise and sends back to my work with renewed zest and vigour. I grow flowers as well as vegetables. I take a special interest in the cultivation of roses. I beam with satisfaction when I cast my luxuriant garden. The sight of the lovely garden is increasingly refreshing.

My second hobby is stamp-collecting. I have collected hundreds of stamps. I have arranged them in five books. My uncle, who often goes abroad on business, has been helping me to collect rare stamps. He sends me foreign stamps from the places he visits. Whenever I have a little leisure I sit down at a table with my precious stamp-books arranging new stamps in them and writing in the names of countries. Each stamp has a story to tell me of distant lands and strange people. Looking through the stamps. I can follow the history of nations.

I also love photography. Whenever I go on a picnic or an excursion or travel round a strange place. I take my camera with me and snap interesting scenes. I have a number of valuable snapshots, some of them highly recreational. Such are my hobbies. There hobbies make my leisure hours at once enjoyable and profitable.

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