My Playmate

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My Playmate :

I often wonder how it is

That on a rainy day,

A little boy, just like myself,

Comes out with me to play.

And we step in all the puddles

When walking through the town,

But though I stand the right way up,

He's always upside-down.

I have to tread upon his feet,

Which is a sorry sight,

With my left foot on his left foot,

My right foot on his right.

I really wish he'd talk to me,

He seems so very kind,

For when I look and smile at him

He does the same, I find.

But I never hear him speaking,

So surely he must be

In some strange land the other side,

Just opposite to me.

By Mary I. Osborn

Words to Know :

A sorry sight : a sad thing to see

Playmate : a friend to play with

Puddle : a small pool of water

Reflection : a picture that you see in a mirror or on water

Seems : appears, looks

Tread : walk, put your foot

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