Need for Forest Conservation

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Need for Forest Conservation :

Forests are gift of nature. Their beauty and grandeur has always fascinated man. The forest greenery has filled our hearts with great pleasure. The forests are eternal source of peace and vital energy. They have occupied important place in India’s cultural life and literature. Great sages have sought solace in the lap of forests and proclaimed them as protector and preserver of human beings.

Forests are useful to man. They control temperature, bring rain, prevent soil erosion, improve soil fertility, provide compost and medicinal herbs and valuable timber and fuel. They provide fodder to cattle. They are habitat of the wild life and inexhaustible source of energy. They are an important part of our ecological system.

The main objective of the forestry programme during the plan period has been the conservation of existing forests and the launching of country wide afforestation and social forestry programme. The forest policy has been intended to fulfil three sets of needs.

  1. ecological security

  2. fuel, fodder and domestic needs of the population

  3. needs of village, small scale and large scale industries.

Forests are at present considered as revenue utilizing assets in States. This leads to many undesirable practices resulting in over exploitation. To ensure effective protection and improvement of environment. the diversion of forest should be adequately strengthened.

Degradation of forests will be disastrous to ecological environment and to mankind. And therefore, the problem must be tackled on priority basis.
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