Never Blame God.

Never Blame God. :

Once, there was a large forest. A variety of trees and plants grew there. There were oak, seesham, walnut, apple, neem and peepal trees. Among them, there was one tree which had a crooked trunk. Its branches were also crooked and grew haywire. It had no colourful flowers or juicy fruits and its leaves were dull and limp. The other trees used to tease him, "Hello, you ugly fellow, how do you feel today?"

The poor tree would think, "Why did God make me ugly? Why can't I be like the other healthy trees?"

One day, a woodcutter came to the forest. He said, "What a crooked and ugly tree. It's no use for me. Let me cut down the trunks of these straight trees."

So, all the trees were cut down other than the crooked tree. Then the crooked tree thought, "I now feel that whatever God does, he has a reason behind it. We must not blame God for all troubles. My ugliness saved my life after all."

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