Noun Phrases

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Let us see what Noun Phrases are.

The Noun Phrase is a group for words which functions as a noun.

It does the work of a noun.

Examples :

  1. He wishes to learn Hindi.

  2. Boys enjoy playing cricket.

  3. I like reading comics Books.

  4. She pretends to be honest.

  5. What she does is what I like.

  6. She is what she reads.

  7. Coming to New York is not my priority.

  8. Completing my MBA is my first priority.

  9. Smoking in this hospital is prohibited.

  10. To invite him is to this function is to invite trouble.

boldened parts are the Noun Phrases)

The other two kinds of Phrases are :

  1. Adjectival Phrase

  2. Adverbial Phrases
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