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A noun is a word used as a name of a person, place, thing, state, quality, activity, action etc...

London, New Delhi, Himalaya, philosophy, beauty, car, road, Management, science, school, students, books, Mrs. Raman, tree, mango, fruits, flowers, ball, town, bill, boy, child, hospital, hotel, home, hall, fame, college, road, fruit, computer and India are few of the nouns which we use regularly.

Names of Persons :

  • Harini is a popular singer.
  • Marconi invented the radio.
  • Rahul is famous in India.
  • Varsha became popular.

    Names of Things :

  • The car runs very fast.
  • Books are used for reading.
  • Platinum is a costly metal.
  • Gold is bought by all.

    Names of Places :

  • Tokyo is a famous city.
  • New York is a large city.
  • Kovankulam is a small village.
  • Moscow is the Capital of Russia.

    Names of Animals :

  • Tiger is the national animal of India.
  • Lion is a dangerous animal.
  • The baby likes to ride on an elephant.
  • God guards our home.

    Names of Birds :

  • Butterfly is a colourful insect.
  • Crow caws.
  • Peacock dances well.
  • Eagles fly high.

    Names of Trees :

  • Purple tree is called as king of trees.
  • We grew casuarinas tree.
  • Neem tree is useful to us.
  • He plucks mango from mango tree.

    Names of Vegetables and Fruits :

  • Carrot is healthy.
  • Eat banana.
  • Mango is famous in India.
  • Rekha likes potatoes.

    Names of Special Things :

  • Pacific is the biggest continent.
  • Diwali is the festival of light.
  • Christmas is celebrated in the month of December.
  • Australia is the smallest continent.

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